The beginning of this site

Several Pylon songs have been playing in my head since about 1980. The band wasn't together very long so there haven't been many chances to see them in the past 25 years. From time to time I'd thought about buying an album or CD but there aren't any in the music store.

In the spring of 2005 I noticed that Pylon was playing AthFest - The Athens, GA Music and Arts Festival. I personally prefer to travel no more than 5 miles to see a band but I did take note.

On July 7, 2005 The Earl featured Pylon as part of a 6th anniversary celebration. I had to be there and what a great show it was.

I realized that I've had 4 Pylon songs playing in my head all that time but only knew the title of "M-Train." So I ordered "Hits" and now I'm going to do my small part to support the band and help folks enjoy the songs.

No telling if or when they'll play again within my 5 mile music radius. Soon, I hope.