Guitar tab for "Danger"

Here is the guitar tab for Danger.

Danger and M-Train are archetypical Pylon songs. The bass and drum steam on without one extra note. The guitar sets the mood and texture. The vocal humanizes. The lyrics are there for the sound and for the fun but not for the message or meaning. This isn't singer-songwriter stuff. It's rock!

These songs demonstrate Pylon's elegance. They don't play one extra note; there is no urgency to fill up spaces. They are huge, incredibly memorable songs made of very few moving parts. Most bands want to play every instrument at every moment. When that works, it's impressive and wonderful. Pylon's talent if getting it done with less.

One of my favorite bands is the Jesus Lizard. To my ears the Jesus Lizard makes the most elegant hard music. Pylon makes the most elegant Pylon music.

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