How to print the tabs

Printing the tabs from your browser causes unintended page breaks.  Scissors and tape may help you put them back together but this may be a better way for you:

Copy the tab images to MS Word:

  1. In Word, make a 1-column, multi-row table.   I paste the images into a row, skip a row and past the next image.
  2. In your browser, right-click-copy the tab image.
  3. In Word, paste the image into a table cell.
  4. Repeat until you get all the images into Word.
  5. Put page breaks between the tab images.
  6. Print your Word document
  7. Your printer has to be able to print graphics.
  8. If all else fails, save your word documents and take the floppy's to a friend's PC or to Kinko's to print them out.

I have one printer that will do it and one that won't.

For you graphics folks out there the images are .jpg's with a maximum width of 580 pixels.